Personal Branding Photography – Ten Reasons Why It Works

Professional photography and branding: these two go hand in hand. Yet personal branding photography is seen as expensive and unnecessary. This blog will explain why professional photos and superb images are essential for developing your brand.

When we discuss images, we tend to think of them as a means to an end. They are used to illustrate, depict and represent. When there’s a gazillion stock photos out there which can be used or you might think you’re a dab hand with a camera phone, they’re good enough, right?
A woman sitting on a garden bench reading a book while another woman takes her photograph for a brand shoot in a lush garden setting.

1. Why non-professional photos are a no-no

If you’ve got a website and you’ve used your own photos and/or stock images, chances are you’re not happy with them.

Non-professional photos as a rule are pretty poor in quality, resolution and impact.

Taking your own photos can also be a total time-suck.
It can be a lazy way of promoting your brand.
And as with all lazy methods and shortcuts, they rarely work in the long run.

You can take like a thousand photos, all of which need to be looked at, only to find that you have a handful of images that are good enough to use.

Even the good ones might need time-consuming adjustments afterwards, including some serious Photoshopping.
The chances are, after all this work, the images simply won’t wow your customers.

Sending over a wad of photos from your phone is rather like trying to make a silk purse out of sow’s ear … it’s just not going to happen …

2. Why professional photos are the solution

Here at Bloom, we understand that finding a trustworthy photographer is half the battle. So let us introduce our partnership with Ali Ford, a visual storyteller, a quiet observer and a creator of magic .

Based near Manchester, Alison offers a superb photoshoot experience as part of the Bloom Business Amplifier program .

Alison specialises in brand photography, which includes a great deal of industry expertise and equipment.

Or if you simply want a top-notch brand imagery, a gorgeous gallery that will sell your products and the experience you offer, then Alison can help.

3. The first impression lasts

In just a tiny fraction of a second, there needs to be a wow factor with your brand. A poor, out-of-focus, fuzzy photo is not the way to go.
It’s a good idea to write down the key elements you want to capture during your photoshoot, so it could be headshots, team shots, products, locations, action shots, cut outs and more.

In this photograph, our client, Ian from Cheshire Plumbing and Gas, had a boiler installation appointment scheduled for the very day his website was launched. His customer commented on the value of seeing the face behind the business, as it instilled a sense of trust and confidence.

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4. Why won’t stock photos ‘do’?

Well, where do we start? For a start, sometimes there are worrying copyright issues.
Secondly, does a stock photo really capture ‘you’ and ‘your brand’? It’s someone else’s take on a subject, when it boils down to it. Don’t get me wrong, stock photos have their place but we don’t want to overuse them and end up with faceless branding.

The chances are someone else will have used the same stock photo, particularly if they’re in the same business arena as you.

And as you work hard for your business and brand, surely you would never accept the ‘good enough’ standard. You want the best because you are the best at what you do.
And finally, you can’t use stock photos on Google Business Profile posts as it is against Google policy.

5. Professional photos build brand confidence

In short, a professional photographer will take a unique set of images that will capture your brand and will elevate your business to the next level.

It will be one of the differentiating markers of your business, placing you head and shoulders above your competition.

There’s never been a truer phrase uttered than: ‘People buy from people’ and your conversion rate for new customers should increase if high quality images are used. These images showcase you, your products and your brand.

Custom photography is money well spent, both in the short term and in the long run.

And a potential customer will know instinctively that you’ve invested in your own brand by getting the best photos possible to promote them.

For us personally we feel more confident in our brand and messaging and more connection with our target audience.

6. Still need convincing?

Let’s consider one of the most important photo opportunities in a lifetime: a wedding!

As this is one of life’s key moments, the chances are you want a professional to do the job. Capturing the start of your new life together is one of the photoshoots that will be enjoyed time and again.

To get someone to do this on their i-Phone is possible. However, once the moment has passed, it’s gone forever.
Unless you’re lucky enough to have a professional photographer as one of your best friends, you will set aside a chunk of the wedding budget for a photographers’ services.

The photographer offers experience, knowledge and the ability to capture the magic of the day.

We feel it’s just as important to capture your business in exactly the right way.

7. You can use professional photos on multiple platforms

Using professional photos on your website is just the start.

Think social media; think PR and media packages; think LinkedIn; think Google My Business; think PDF opt-ins; think marketing in general.

With a set of professional photos, you can have consistency of brand message and impactful visuals. It’s rather like great food photography … cohesive aesthetics help sell bread, cakes, spirits, even commercial concerns.

The photos can be used across all platforms and ensure you look professional.

8. Professional photos are authentic

As well as forming an important, cohesive brand message, a professional photoshoot with Alison Groves will also show the authenticity of your brand. It will engage your audience on a whole new level, creating relevancy and allowing customers to relate to you and your products and services.

9. Photos tell a story

Just think how we engage with others on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter … nine times out of ten, it is an image or a series of images that get followers to comment, interact and eventually become involved in your story and maybe even buy from you.

A well-crafted image can stir up emotions, place your audience in a position in which they see you provide the answers and the solutions.

There is a saying that states the camera never lies.

While images can be manipulated, gathering that elusive kernel of truth is a skill which only professional photographers know how to do.

10. Personal Brand Photography

While the photoshoot is the event itself, there’s the whole kit and kaboodle to consider when you have a personal brand photoshoot.

This includes professional cameras, lens kits, lighting. There could also be a studio included or ‘location scouting’ if the photoshoot is outdoors. There might be set design to consider, such as a whole room, furniture, food, props, backdrops, soft furnishing, and much more.

Then once the photos are taken, there’s the photo editing to consider. This can include colour correction, enhancement, focus alterations, touch ups, cropping, and much more. Then there’s the resolution of the images.

Here’s a tip.

If you want to get the most from your photoshoot, discuss with your photographer the different resolution, file types and size you will need.

If you want to use several of your images in a glossy, print magazine, you’ll need huge resolution.

By the same token, websites often require lower resolution images to speed up loading time. We work with Ali to ensure we have the right amount and type of images for your website and socials.

How to start your photo journey

So, contact us and ask about brand photography which we can add to any of our products and is automatically included in our Business Amplifier program, our 12-month strategy that recognises that your online presence is your most crucial asset in getting ahead and staying at the top of your game.

If your competitors look better than you do; if you’re not getting much traffic to your website; and if you’re hard to find on Google, Bloom can help.

Ali is responsible for all our own brand photography at Bloom and has developed her unique process for capturing and assisting in the creation of our image portfolio.

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