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Questions to ask a web designer before you hire them

So you’re looking to invest in a new website, congratulations! With it more competitive than ever to attract new customers and clients, having an impressive website that’s built to rank on Google is more important than ever before. The value ...
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Web hosting

What is Website Hosting?

Here at Bloom Digital Marketing, one of the most frequently asked questions is: What is web hosting? It is a phrase many of us are familiar with, yet the chances are when you start out with your business, some of ...
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what is domain

What is a Domain and How Do They Work ?

The domain name is the easy to remember address of your website. It is the address that customers will put into their web browser (i.e. Google) to visit your website. There are different parts to a domain name which we’ll ...
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Why is Copywriting Important? 

Copywriting … Are You Missing the Point?  Copywriting is one of the key elements of your online marketing campaign.   This includes content specifically written for your website, your email marketing campaigns and your blogs.  Good quality copywriting not only ...
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logo design

Why is My Business Logo so Important?

In Business? Then You Need a Logo! A logo is a visual representation of what your company stands for and the high standards for which your business is known for. Your logo, once designed, is used on your website, on ...
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Website Audit Checklist

Is your website badly designed, outdated or not usable on a mobile device? Then our DIY website audit will help you work out where you need help, either with some small fixes or with a complete website redesign. It is ...
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Get found for free with Google My Business

What is GMB? If you thought GMB was a well-known breakfast TV programme, think again! GMB stands for Google My Business, a free tool that helps customers find, locate and contact local businesses. Google My Business is provided by Google, ...
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A woman sitting on a garden bench reading a book while another woman takes her photograph for a brand shoot in a lush garden setting.

Personal Branding Photography – Ten Reasons Why It Works

Professional photography and branding: these two go hand in hand. Yet personal branding photography is seen as expensive and unnecessary. This blog will explain why professional photos and superb images are essential for developing your brand. When we discuss images, ...
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keyword search concept

Why Is Keyword Research Important for Organic SEO?

When you hear the question, what are your keywords or key phrases?You might have a good idea as to what we mean by this crucial element of website content. Or you might be running for the hills as you’ve only ...
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wordpress website maintenance

Why do I need a website maintenance plan for my website?

Or Care Plan as we like to call it as our plans are much more than maintenance.They are designed to support your business at whatever stage you are at. So, you’ve got your WordPress website. It’s been hard work getting ...
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How much does a website cost?

How much does it cost for a website, and why it’s not cheap! The question we get asked most often here at Bloom Digital Marketing is, how much does it cost for a website? There is a myth that a ...
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Man using a laptop showing a website interface, seated at a wooden table with a coffee cup beside him.

The Google Core Algorithm Update – What You Need To Know …

You Will Have Heard About Latest Google Algorithm Update It is vital that you as a business owner understands what this update will include as it will affect your website’s Google performance in time to come. If this makes you ...
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Do You Want a Free Website or a DIY Website ?

 ‘Free website builders’  is a term that gets searched for A LOT … in fact, thousands upon thousands of times a month, 12,000 searches to be exact. Sometimes free or cheap website builders are called SaaS which means ‘software as ...
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