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Our Monthly SEO Packages or Growth Plans as we call them, use the four pillars of SEO as a framework. Technical SEO, On Site SEO, Content and Off Site SEO. Each month we tackle SEO action items which will make the biggest impact.

If you don’t see any results ; we will work for free until you do… as long as you have done your homework of course !

Four Pillars of SEO version 2

Don't rely on word of mouth referrals, build long term security for your business and get found first

How Does It Work ?
Examples of Monthly SEO Action Items

As part of our SEO packages we plan out action items each month and provide you with a 30 day Roadmap so that you know exactly what we are working on and when. These are flexible and we will always be looking to take action on the items that will move the needle the quickest.

Examples include

Improve Content by drafting a blog post or page.

Build Authority by brainstorming backlink opportunities or add to local business directories.

Grow Trust and integrate latest Google reviews on the website.

Technically we may focus on fixing broken links and setting up redirects.

How Much Does a Monthly SEO package cost ?

Our SEO Growth Plans start at £597 plus VAT. The price is dependant on the starting point and the results we need to achieve. Also whether we are targeting a local or national audience. There are no contracts just 30 days notice is all we need.

As a small business owner, I've worked with about 5 companies over the last 7 years. Each of them has made promises, and unfortunately most have failed to deliver. Many have taken advantage of my lack of knowledge about websites and have taken significant sums of money from me. When I reached out to Jeanette, I was rather fed up, and also had a lack of faith and trust. I can't thank her and her team enough for their support over the last 6 months. I have really values that Jeanette doesn't want to keep me in the dark, quite the opposite she has wanted to help me understand things better. She has been mindful of my limitations of funds, and has given me sound advice on what I'm spending on and when. Having someone that is straight forward and cares seems to be rare in this industry, so I consider myself very lucky. I've also seen actual results, so this team actually do what they say!

SEO is a long term investment and we have seen results within several weeks to several months. Results depend on industry, starting point and your investment.

This depends on the starting point and the marketing budget you have set aside. If you need help please get in touch on 01606 841618 for a quick chat.

No there are no long term contracts. Just 30 days notice.

Each plan includes a certain set of actions items each month. Designed to make the most impact. If you want faster results you’ll need the mid or higher plan. The middle and higher plans also includes creating content with you or for you. Our lowest plan does not include copywriting and we expect to receive content from our clients. This keeps SEO more affordable.

No. SEO is different than website maintenance. Our care plans are designed for website maintenance and are an add-on to SEO.

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