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How do people find what they need? They Google it! How do you get your website to appear when someone Google’s a service you do or a product you sell? You invest in Search Engine Optimisation.

Don’t tune out!

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SEO might sound like a different language entirely, it’s a huge puzzle and is made up of many pieces. But we’re here to help you understand what it is and why you should care.

SEO techniques help your website get in-line with Google’s mission, which is to ‘Deliver the most relevant and reliable information available’.

Wait, so what is SEO?

Starting with the basics, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation

Essentially, search engine optimisation is creating unique, interesting, and helpful content on and off your website to tell Google exactly what you’re about and how you help your clients.

When implemented correctly, SEO is the art, science, and the strategy that will help get your website found in the FREE, organic search results of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

SEO is complex. It can take several weeks, if not months, to show real results. However, the long term benefits are worth the wait. Those who say it isn’t are simply not telling you the whole truth.

Getting your website optimised for your target key phrase and location on Google is a matter of skill, determination, and patience.

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Does a website need SEO?

The best way to describe what happens to a website without SEO is this: 

Imagine a stunning shop selling super gorgeous handmade gifts, plonked in the middle of nowhere.  Now imagine there are no roads to it, no footpaths, and no signage. How are customers going to find this shop? They won’t – they’ll go visit the shop that has a massive advert on the road outside. 

Well, it’s the same for your website.

If you are finding that your business is failing to grow online like it should, has very little traffic and few leads, then you need SEO services.

A successful SEO campaign can increase your site’s online visibility, so your website brings in new leads, improves your brand awareness, and ultimately your business gets more sales.

Sound good? Let’s talk SEO!

The four essential elements of SEO

Four Pillars of SEO version 2

Technical SEO

This includes website speed optimisation, XML sitemaps, and installing and setting up Google Search Console so Google can crawl your site and include it within its index.

On-Site Optimisation

This includes keyword research, which in turn incorporates custom meta title, meta descriptions, correct page hierarchy so Google understands what your website is about and what content is most important.

Off-Site SEO

This includes setting up and optimising elements that are NOT on your website, such as Google My Business, creating backlinks and ensuring your business information is included on all the important local directories.

Content Creation and User Experience

This involves publishing content which matches a user’s query or search intent, based on keyword research. The better your website’s user experience is, the longer visitors will stay and browse, and the higher Google will rank you.

Search engine optimisation FAQs

I bet you’re thinking “Not another boring set of frequently asked questions about SEO” that’s full of techie jargon and how we’re the best SEO company in Cheshire.

Well, just like when you work with us, there’s none of that rubbish – we’re here to give you honest, open advice on what’s best for your company.

So let’s start with some SEO questions and answers you’re actually interested in hearing.

Search engines like Google use various technical tactics, usually referred to as spiders or bots, to crawl the web.

When a spider finds a new page, it will add it to an index, rather like an index at the back of a book.

If someone inputs a term into Google’s search bar, Google uses an algorithm, or a set of rules, which includes clever ranking factors, which in turn decide which webpages (as opposed to websites) are pulled from the index and then appear in the search engine results.

The objective of search engines is to provide the best webpage for each search query.

One myth we can dispel is that search engines don’t rank entire websites; they rank individual webpages instead.

The set of rules, or algorithms used by Google are extremely complex, ever-changing and a total secret! They also make SEO an overwhelming prospect.

The best way to approach SEO is to have a holistic SEO strategy so your webpages and therefore your website, help fulfil Google’s mission today, tomorrow and beyond.

No! Paid-For Google Ads (otherwise known as Pay Per Click or PPC) appear at the top of a search results page and do so because of the significant wads of cash spent to get them there.

The short answer is no.

We don’t believe in mystifying the products to the point where you don’t really understand what’s going on! What would be the point of that?

To ensure that everything is clear, we go through an overview with you at our kick-off meeting and we stick to plain, understand and measurable language, so you know what’s going on.

No, we’ve got all this covered and we also provide reporting so you can see the impact and progress.

Strategy calls are built-in to each project so you always know what’s happening and you can clearly see the results.

With Google, there are no guarantees to the top spot on the search results, however we have successfully achieved the number one spot for many of our clients for relevant keywords in their industry. 

All of our websites come with technical SEO and on-site SEO (search engine optimisation) already implemented when they launch. Our ongoing SEO services work to improve your rankings long-term and for a wider range of keywords. Check out our programmes here. 

If you still feel unsure as to how this can benefit your business, and you’re not sure of the deliverables, feel free to book a no-obligation call. 

Some of our most successful clients have been exactly where you are now.

Not sure how all this works?

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