Where have you been the last 20 years?!
Working with Jeanette and the team has not only been a pleasure, it has also delivered the leads we needed to take our business to the next level.
We are looking forward to working with the team at Bloom for the foreseeable future.

Mayfield Interiors
Mayfield Interiors Logo - Timperley


Page One on Google for Fitted Bedrooms Altrincham


This respected family-run business was founded in the year 2000 by Martin Callaghan who was joined by his son Will in 2018.

Martin spotted a gap in the market for a business that offered exceptional fitted furniture coupled with exemplary customer service.

The point of difference with Mayfield Interiors was the unique mix of traditional, focused customer service, avoiding the usual ‘off the peg’ approach with their fitted kitchens, bedrooms and home offices.

Will’s talents now combine seamlessly with Martin’s, so the team offer interior designs that are ahead of the curve and beautifully installed by the team.

Mayfield Interiors work with well-known brands including Leicht® and Hepplewhite, and each and every client is treated as an individual with their own dream interiors in mind.

The Problem

Mayfield Interiors approached Bloom Creative Design with a clutch of issues that at the time prevented them from reaching their true potential.

With the majority of their leads being garnered through word of mouth or directly from their physical showroom in Timperley, this meant they were not getting the additional leads, and therefore potential conversions, they needed.

At the time they approached the Bloom team, their website was getting little or no traffic. This was due to the fact Mayfield Interiors did not appear in the first 50 results of a Google search for their key-phrase and town, therefore effectively meaning they had no visibility within their local area. This meant Martin and Will were unsure where they even ranked on Google.

Their old website had been ‘live’ for some time, hadn’t been updated in a long while and the team were unaware of how much traffic their website was actually getting.

Another important element of concern, as it is with any family-run business, is how strong that business can remain during challenging times.

The onslaught of the Covid-19 Pandemic brought with it a huge range of challenges and the Mayfield Interiors team were aware their digital presence would not suffice in such difficult circumstances.

Add to this mix that Martin is an avid golf fan, and he wanted to play more of his favourite sport and to do that he needed peace of mind with regard to the business.

The Solution

The Bloom team were approached by Martin to see if we could help his business to reach the next level of success and start getting leads from Google on a regular, consistent basis.

The portfolio of products suitable for Mayfield Interiors were finely tuned and specially selected so they dovetailed to bring in the consistent, valuable leads the Mayfield team required.

The solutions were discussed in depth and carefully selected.

Following an initial, in-depth discussion, Mayfield Interiors joined the Business Amplifier Program.

The main priority was a brand-new website, custom-designed in WordPress and a website that met best practice for maximum exposure on Google. As with all new websites, both for immediate and ongoing success to be achieved, the Business Amplifier program includes a 12-Month Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign, which includes the four elements of SEO.

We drilled down to some very detailed, exhaustive Key Word Research, ensuring Mayfield Interiors website and digital presence matched the content on their website to what potential customers were searching for on the web.

This in turn meant a full, in-depth and skilled re-write of website copy and the creation and implementation of new photography.

The use of images for Mayfield Interiors was a key element; lots of time and great care was taken with the selection of images and how they were tagged.

With this good foundation of work, we will continue to build their online visibility and fill their pipeline with consistent leads and sales.

This will give the father and son team the stability they require in order for their business to reach the next level of success.

This case study is one of our many success stories and we will update it as our 12-Month plan continues and builds a solid order book for Mayfield Interiors.   

Our next stage is to move through the second phase of the project which will be refining and adding content on a regular basis following thorough research. This will help to build upon the strong foundations we’ve already implemented.

The Results

At the time of writing, and within six months of working together, our hard work is paying off. The target for sales leads have been reached every week and Martin and Will are able to feel more relaxed as the significant increase in enquiries continues.

The work Bloom have done so far has secured Mayfield Interiors a page one position for focus key phrases for their local area of Altrincham.

Martin and Will can see they have a steady increase in traffic to their website month on month thanks to steps and strategies now in place.

Another important outcome has been the consolidation and build upon the reputation of Mayfield Interiors. New and consistent 5-star Google Reviews are regularly being posted by very satisfied clients.

Mayfield Interiors now has work booked in for the next few months which has alleviated the considerable uncertainty they were experiencing prior to Bloom being part of their team.

As this case study suggests, working with Bloom as part of a team reaps the rewards and the long-term projects have the power to deliver results, reach targets and help create a better future for a business and its employees.

Mayfield Interiors have peace of mind that we are part of their team, supporting them as the business evolves and reaches those levels of success, they are more than capable of meeting.

Oh, and most importantly, Martin now has time to play more golf and take on a house renovation!

The Outcomes

This project is one that will continue over the next few months and while targets have already been achieved, Bloom Creative Design’s Business Amplifier Program will continue to deliver and hopefully exceed expectations.