Jeanette and her team at Bloom Digital have created a fantastic website which we are proud of. Jeanette was always available to resolve any concerns we had and everything was actioned with speed and professionalism. We now know we have a slick and secure website with continuing support, moving forward. I would highly recommend Bloom Digital Marketing if you want a flagship website for your business. Thank you to all involved.

Antony Procter
Vehicle & Operator Consultancy Services LTD

Driving Success - Website and SEO Case Study for VOCS in Goostrey, Cheshire

Business Overview

As a premier MOT training company in the heart of Cheshire, VOCS aimed to increase their online presence to attract more students and enhance their visibility in the competitive MOT training industry.

The Challenge

VOCS faced the challenge of relying on word of mouth and referrals with an outdated website that failed to reflect their expertise and generate any leads. They also wanted to reach further afield through the UK.

Our Strategy and Approach

We initiated a comprehensive digital overhaul, beginning with the creation of compelling, SEO-friendly website content and the development of a custom-designed website, complete with an integrated online course module.

To fortify the company’s online presence, we employed our SEO Jump Start program, laying a robust foundation to elevate their visibility in search engine results, ensuring prominent placement for maximum exposure.

Results and Impact

In mid-2022, we launched a professional website designed to instil credibility and serve as a valuable resource for MOT Companies and Operators seeking training and consultancy services across the UK. The website offers seamless functionality, allowing users to easily make enquiries, book courses, or request assistance. Additionally, it features an online MOT course module for convenient access to training materials.

Since the launch, the website has experienced remarkable growth in visibility and reach:

  • Expanded Keyword Reach: From a mere 5 keywords, we’ve soared to ranking for 270 relevant keywords, magnifying our visibility and accessibility to potential clients.
  • Dominance on Google: A testament to our SEO prowess, 10 of our targeted keywords now claim coveted positions on the first page of Google. Notably, the keyword “mot testing training” commands position 3, capitalizing on prime real estate where the lion’s share of clicks resides.
  • Organic User Growth: Over the period spanning April 2023 to 2024, our website attracted a robust influx of over 2000 users through organic search channels, underscoring its efficacy in engaging our target audience and driving meaningful interactions.
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