We cannot speak highly enough of the team at Bloom. As a plumbing company, having a visible online presence is crucial, and when our Google Business profile was suspended, we were understandably worried and it affected our business massiveley. However, Jeanette and her team truly went above and beyond to resolve the issue.

Throughout the entire process, they kept us informed and provided regular updates. Their efforts ultimately resulted in the successful reinstatement of our Google Business profile, for which we are incredibly grateful.

We highly recommend Bloom Digital Marketing to any business seeking outstanding digital marketing services. Thank you for your exceptional support !

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Reinstating JB Plumbing and Heating's Business Profile - 243 Reviews, 4.8 Star Rating

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, maintaining an active Google Business Profile (GBP) is crucial for business visibility and customer interaction. When JB Plumbing and Heating faced the unexpected suspension of their GBP, they turned to Bloom Digital Marketing UK for a solution. This case study showcases our journey and success in reinstating their profile, underlining our expertise in adhering to and navigating Google’s complex guidelines.


JB Plumbing and Heating, a business known for its exceptional service with 243 reviews and an impressive 4.8-star average on Google, suddenly found itself in a dilemma. Their GBP was inexplicably suspended, resulting in a complete disappearance from Google Search – a significant hurdle in their online business operations.

Our Challenges:

The primary challenge was unraveling the mystery behind the suspension of JB Plumbing and Heating’s GBP. This task was compounded by the intricate nature of Google’s reinstatement process, which demands a deep understanding of specific guidelines and an exacting approach to documentation and evidence submission.

Our Approach:

Our strategy at Bloom Digital Marketing UK encompassed several decisive steps:

In-Depth Consultation and Investigation:

We initiated our process with a thorough consultation to understand the nuances of the client’s GBP activities and reviewed any communication from Google regarding the suspension.

Identifying the Cause of Suspension:

Our team meticulously analyzed the situation to pinpoint potential reasons for the suspension, laying the groundwork for our reinstatement plan.

Document Collection:

AS JB Plumbing is not a Ltd company and operates as a sole trader we had to update HMRC docs to the client name trading as JB Plumbing.

We can also note that being self-employed in the UK is quite challenging to prove to Google and we had to have the knowledge of HMRC and help from the client’s accountant. In addition, any sole trader not using the premises means we don’t have the normal utility bills as proof.

Providing Visual Proof:

To bolster our case, we included videos and photographs as concrete evidence of the business’s legitimacy and operations.

Reinstatement Submission:

With comprehensive preparation, we completed and submitted the necessary forms and consistently communicated with GBP support, navigating through their complex system with precision.

Compliance with Google Guidelines:

Our focus remained on strict adherence to Google’s guidelines throughout the process, ensuring every step was aligned with their standards.

The Outcome:

Our dedicated efforts bore fruit after two months of relentless work, leading to the successful reinstatement of JB Plumbing and Heating’s GBP. This not only restored their online presence but also reinstated their hard-earned customer trust, evidenced by their numerous positive reviews.


This case at Bloom Digital Marketing UK demonstrates our expertise in resolving intricate SEO challenges and our commitment to restoring and enhancing our clients’ digital footprints. We turned a challenging situation for JB Plumbing and Heating into a success story, reinstating their vital digital presence.

Have you experienced a suspension of your Google Business Profile and feel lost in the maze of Google’s procedures?
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