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When Camilla first got in touch to explain her idea of holding creative workshops within her beautiful family home in Cheshire, I was not quite prepared for the heart warming story that led to the birth of this project. 

Toolerstone is a non profit organisation which offers a variety of creative workshops many of which will be ‘gifted’ to people who deserve a break, as a thank you for what they do within our hospitals, hospices and care homes in particular.

Here is a personal message from Camilla….

Toolerstone has been our happy family home for twenty years. Sadly my husband, Andy Jeal, was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer in 2019 and passed away in the following March, aged 58. He was a great believer in helping those who strive to help themselves and never forgot his upbringing, in a small council house in Great Yarmouth. He remained grounded despite earning great financial success in his own lifetime. Toolerstone is still very much our family’s home but, in Andy’s memory, we want to now share it with others who would benefit from being here.

Personally, I find that being in the garden, surrounded by nature, brings many benefits to my mental and physical wellbeing. Finding inspiration for my creativity in this environment allows me to be immersed in the seasons, encouraged to be present in the moment. The connection I have with nature and the outdoors can be extremely uplifting and I would very much like to share this feeling with others.

The Problem

As this was a brand new venture we were starting from scratch with a new website which needed to reflect the very nature of the project in terms of design.

The Toolerstone Team also needed to be able to take Workshop bookings directly online and take payments too.

The Solution

We decided on a 12 Week Sprint ecommerce website project which included a WordPress website customised to accommodate online bookings for events and including the option of using Vouchers for their complimentary workshop days.

Camilla & Eleanor put together the beautiful web copy and invested in a professional photo shoot. I can’t recommend this enough for all web projects to ensure your website looks truly amazing and professional. Chris, our graphic designer created a stunning visual mock up of the potential website so that we could be sure we had hit the nail on the head in terms of look and feel.

We also included some technical SEO and on site SEO to help Google find and crawl the website and include it in the search results.

In order to continue to support the Toolerstone Team at a high level we added them to our aptly named Nurture Care Plan which protects their investment in terms of security and performance along with any support they need in changes to the content as the project develops over time.

The Results

At the time of writing, Toolerstone are trialling their workshop days during July and I am excited to be part of this day, especially as Covid restrictions will have eased.

As Toolerstone progresses and more courses are booked then we will report back !

As an aside if you are interested in having a look at what they offer, here’s a link to their website.