Why Is Keyword Research Important for Organic SEO?

When you hear the question, what are your keywords or key phrases?
You might have a good idea as to what we mean by this crucial element of website content.

Or you might be running for the hills as you’ve only got a vague idea of what it’s all about.

Keywords or key phrases are not to be confused with Google Ads and bidding for keyword, just so you know, which is a whole topic in itself.

Here at Bloom Digital Marketing, we include keyword research in all our programmes even on our basic 8 Week Sprint website projects and is a major focus on all SEO projects.

The whole objective of keyword research is to match what search terms your potential customers are using with the content on your website. That is one of the ways they are going to find you.

This blog will give you an insight into the work that is carried out with regards to keywords including the benefits, focus and secondary keywords, where to put them, great content creation and what to do next.

How Do Keywords Work?

The best way to help explain this without being too technical is to come up with a real life example as to how keyword research was so important for this client.

Let’s imagine you are a trained psychologist (great if you really are a trained psychologist as this will help you!).

Let’s say your specialism is anger and stress management.

So, you might have in your own mind a few words that relate to your area or areas of expertise.

So … psychologist … anger … stress … psychology … therapy.

Great if you can spell psychologist!

Now these are obvious terms and should be used at some point on your website.

However, what we do at Bloom is use some very helpful tools to dig out search volumes for related keywords.

For this example, related keywords included ‘stress psychologist’. We can see from our use of our keyword planning tool: this was a great phrase to use as it had a much higher search volume than stress management. We now have a chance to rank in Google for that term and get in front of new clients.

You might have come up with this phrase yourself when considering the keywords

Or you might not.

The upshot is that using what we call high search volume words and lower competition we discover ones relevant to your business.

Keywords and careful, skilful use of them, enable pages on your website to be optimised for Google. However, there are some strict rules as to use of keywords.

Ignore them at your peril.

Use Your Keywords Wisely

Nothing is more annoying to Google than keyword stuffing, meaning you use the keyword time and again on a page in an unnatural way.

This is a big NO NO.

Here we will give a brief introduction into the work we do for keywords.

There are also different types of keywords, too and we also know exactly where to use them, so your online presence is improved.

What Are The Benefits of Keyword Research

You might think that keywords are going to be a flash in the pan when it comes to how search engines ‘find’ your website.


Using good keyword placement also indicates that you’re crystal clear with regards to what your content is ‘putting out there’. There is little room for doubt, in other words.

Adding keywords properly sends out strong signals to search engines such as Google. These signals tell the mighty search engine that you know what you’re about and that you know what you want your web pages to rank for in search results.

Also providing the keywords are relevant, well-chosen, and used in the right way on your web pages, this can enable every page to potentially rank for your chosen search term.

And all this can attract high quality traffic which in turn can convert into customers.

All this is exactly what you want when it comes to appearing in search results when potential clients are searching online.

What Are Focus Keywords And Secondary Keywords

We’ll let you into a little secret here: did you know that Google ranks individual pages and not websites as a whole?

If you have several pages on your website covering a selection of different subjects that are relevant to your business, then providing you have the right keywords in the right places, you have even more chance to ranking on a search engine and appearing in search results when customers are wanting or need your specific service or product.

Bloom Digital Marketing will be able to help you with the focus keyword to use as we can research specific search terms in a highly specialised, technical way.

We can also help you rank for related terms (also called synonymous terms) or terms that are closely related to your trade or business.

While you will want only one distinct focus keyword on a page, you will need to also include a secondary keyword and this strategy is highly recommended.

Bloom can help with this as this is something your competitors are perhaps not doing. It is also something probably not covered in lower price website projects, so this is a way to out rank your competitors. Our competitor analysis will help us to discover this for you and this is also included in all our projects.

How to Include Focus Keywords

This is where is can be very tricky as it takes skilled copywriting or content writing to achieve the best results.

This takes time and effort and practice.

Keyword inclusion should be natural, not stuffed to the seams with the focus keyword and secondary keywords.

The content should also be elegantly, relevantly written, with correct grammar and spelling.

Keywords shouldn’t stand out like a sore thumb and the flow of the content should be such that keywords are included but are not obvious to a reader.

And with such a limited use of your focus keyword allowed, you just don’t want to trip up …

How Should Focus Keywords Be Included?

There are numerous ways keywords can be included. In titles, meta descriptions, URLs, headings, subheadings, and in paragraphs.

If you think slugs are creatures that ravages your radishes, then think again!This term is used in the keyword placement manifest.

These can all be achieved with great content writing and as part of a newly designed brochure website, too.

However, it’s no use getting this wrong as there will be little or no benefit and there’s a great deal of work involved.

Our team at Bloom can help with this crucial element of keyword usage.

There are other ways we can help make the most out of the focus keywords.

In all cases, avoid ‘stuffing’ and go for ‘scatter’ …  scatter the focus keyword sparingly rather than stuffing it completely.

How Should Secondary Keywords Be included?

These words are often ones will elevate you above your competition, coupled with excellent use of your focus keywords.

We also understand the finer points of using focus and secondary keywords … when to use secondary ones, the rules of using the focus one and in which order.

We ensure the research into your secondary keywords is thorough and beneficial and are used to their maximum potential.

Keywords Versus Content

As the term keyword came into being, there was some swinging of the pendulum in terms of how it became a refined and important part of optimising pages on a website.

There is a myth with keyword usage alone will get you up the search result rankings.

While this is not the case, you still need to know how to use keyword to their best advantage.

Expertly written, skilful content creation using a focus keyword and secondary keywords can only benefit your online presence.

And in many cases, it can result in the phone ringing off the hook.

How Bloom Digital Marketing Can Help

As mentioned at the start of this blog, all our SEO programs and our 8 Week Sprint website project has been specifically designed to help you understand how to improve your online presence.

As well as keyword research, competitior analysis, content creation, design, and development, we carry out technical and onsite SEO and we also investigate how you rank with local customers.

This dovetails nicely with our Local Business Booster which helps local business find you by improving your local SEO, now a crucial factor for helping customer find your business online.

The Tools of the Trade

The help that can be given with focus keywords and secondary keywords is only made possible by using a careful selection of tools which have involved significant investment in both time and financial costs. This is not something a business can necessarily do and why should they? We are here to provide this service because that’s what we do.

You need to concentrate on running your business, ensuring your customers are happy and your team is working hard.

Your website also needs to work hard for you and using the keyword process can help this exponentially.

Here at Bloom Digital Marketing, we never think that a website is just a website.

Your website should be the member of your team that works the hardest, all day, all night, and 365 days a year.

What To Do Next

If you are a business that has never gone through the keyword process, or if you’ve investigated it and found it too overwhelming, then give us a call.

It could also be you’re not sure if your website has already gone through this process.

You could be missing out on lots of potential customers so why not book a call today.

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