Why do I need a website maintenance plan for my website?

Or Care Plan as we like to call it as our plans are much more than maintenance.
They are designed to support your business at whatever stage you are at.

So, you’ve got your WordPress website. It’s been hard work getting it live and working.

If it’s a new website, then it’s an exciting time as customers discover you!
And if you’re an established business with a website, then your website will be working hard for you …

And … that’s it … right Wrong!

Unless you are fully trained on WordPress and understand all about plug in updates and how to do this without breaking your site, know how to protect your site, monitor intrusions and solve issues and have a full back up schedule of your website, then you’ll need to protect your investment with a website care planC

I’ve heard it all before – I don’t need a website maintenance plan

I can do it myself, and sometimes you can if you have the time and have had the right training.

When you sign up to a web design company, then maintenance plans are usually mentioned early on. At Bloom Digital Marketing we include a Care Plan as part of the deliverables. We want to continue to support you and to protect your investment. And we are best placed to that, whilst you are best at running and scaling your business.

If your website was not built by us, then that’s fine.

If this is you then you may have put website maintenance on the back burner.

However, don’t let this smoulder only to go out completely.

The mention of website maintenance should be something you consider from the start.

After all, any number of things can go wrong with your website and parts of the care plan could be needed anytime of the day or night.

Bloom Digital Marketing’s Website Maintenance and Care Plans have a huge point of difference: they’re not just about protecting your website. They are also about helping your business to grow and succeed; search engine monitoring, submitting your site to search engines, monitoring intrusions, managing WordPress updates safely and presenting you with our top plan, Google keyword tracking  so you can see how visible you are to your potential clients.

What is a website maintenance and care plan?

Although website maintenance packages vary hugely, a website care plan includes bundled services to keep your website operating smoothly.

With some of Bloom Digital Marketing’s Care Plans, some of our bundled service can help you get more business.

Key maintenance elements are backups, hosting, broken links, security checks … but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Doubtless you feel you can do some of these tasks yourself. Yet … what if something goes wrong? A website is like a car … if it’s working well, then you’ve nothing to worry about.

But then there’s that annoying tapping sound or a broken link … then one of the plugins needs updating … a headlight goes out … then the brakes fail … you get the gist!

What are the threats to my website?

Out of date software … hackers … security breaches … bugs … crashes … the list goes on. And unfortunately I have seen it happen, even on a small business website, the hackers use your site to redirect traffic to buy some dodgy medicines online.

And more often than not, you only find out something’s amiss when it’s too late. It is best to lock things down at the outset and put in place good processes and good security software. Websites are very much like a vehicle. There are many moving parts and while it is fine when they all work as they should, the next problem could be just around the corner.

Website Maintence Costs and what’s included ?

One of the key elements to consider about a care plan is the ongoing investment.

You’ve probably invested a four to five figure sum in your new website.

You don’t see why you should have more to fork out an additional cost each and every month. Also note that all our software licenses are included in all plans so that actually saves you money if you had to buy individual licences.

With Bloom Digital Marketing, we’re not about grabbing your money and putting our feet up.

Far from it.

Bloom WordPress Website Maintenance and Care Plans

We have carefully planned and priced up two care plans. Each plan is carefully mapped out to help business websites remain secure, operational, and successful. No one size fits all, so our plans reflect this.

Protect, at just £65 a month.

Keeps your website safe, secure and has regular software updates.

Your website is regularly monitored to keep it functioning.

We also include 60mins of support time a month for those quick content updates and a strategy call to help keep you on track.

If your business is spinning like a top, you’ve achieved your goals and you don’t need any more customers, this is the one for you.

Nurture, at just £145 a month.

This is the most popular plan and as the title suggests, it nurtures your business at a pace of your choosing. We include 2 hours of support time a month plus monthly strategy calls.

Additional services including monitoring and fixing any techie SEO issues (essential in this day and age). Woocommerce updates are also included.

For this price you also get speed optimisation, you can read more here Core Web Vitals audit and fix, this is a big Google algorithm update.

This is a great package for established businesses and for eCommerce concerns.

What else do you get?

Peace of mind and the tools and knowledge to support your business growth.

A business that runs smoothly on the digital front and offers a superb user experience for your customers and clients.  We are also unique in that we offer a No Contract deal – you can cancel at any time. And the main point of difference with our care plans is maintenance vs optimisation.

You see, we understand that a care plan is not just a care plan. As the nomenclature of our plans suggest, we understand your business needs sustained support in order to succeed.

Still not convinced?

As you know, Bloom Digital Marketing is a digital marketing agency that focuses on website development and holistic SEO. Would you buy a car and fail to buy the insurance? Would you have a garden and let all the plant life wither away? Having a car means you must have insurance; having a garden means you need to tend to it.

So, it’s time to think of a website along similar terms.

If you have a WordPress website, then you need a care plan.

What to do next? Take a look at our care plans and get in touch even if we didn't build your site.

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